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                              Design and Management
                              Global Vision
                              Full Industrial Chain

                              Design and Management Integration

                              Build a one-stop cross-industrial chain, a superb resource management platform A top “green” supply platform for “smart” cities and the integration of low-carbon economic

                              Full Industrial Chain

                              Great financial support from the Group for interactive development as well as common values Strong feasibility boosted by Palm’s terminal support for garden engineering and the seedling industrial chain Rapid response to design

                              Global Vision

                              Resource Platform with Top Designers from home and abroad in Global Alliance The core member of the global design alliance enables seamless connection with the world The most influential high-end design cooperative platform in China integrates top designer resources both from home and abroad

                              • 斯维尔

                              Clients Evaluation

                              • Vanke

                                Palm Design is a comprehensive, all-round, outstanding and professional design firm. As a wholly-funded subsidiary of Palm Landscape Architecture Co. Ltd., it has a superior capacity for feasible designs; provides suitable landscaping materials, construction techniques and seedling varieties accordingly; arranges design circles reasonably; and creates the most outstanding effect at the lowest cost.

                              • Poly

                                We believe that Palm Design is able to continue maintaining its leading position in China thanks to its domestically leading designs and strong faith to remain a world-class design firm. We hope to establish closer cooperation with you in our coming days. We will jointly create more premium projects using our products and your advanced philosophies.

                              • Zhongnan

                                Our company has established a long-term and strategic partnership with Palm Design, which has provided outstanding designs to our company over the years. It not only provides professional and efficient products and services for us, but also largely contributes to landscape development and the harmonious living environment of our company. Palm Design is our trustworthy partner.


                              • Guangzhou:
                                Fl. 6-7, Tower B, International Center of Pearl New Town, No. 3 Qingyi Street, Machang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

                                TEL:020-85189800    Fax:020-85189802

                              • Shanghai:
                                Fl. 3, #7 Block, Knowledge & Innovation Community, No. 388 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

                                TEL:021-31160001    Fax:021-31160083

                              • Hangzhou:
                                Palm Landscape, No. 789 Fuchun Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

                                TEL:0571-86508300    Fax:0571-89736006

                              • Beijing:
                                Fl. 21, Tower B, Jialong International Building, No. 19 Chaoyang Park Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

                                TEL:010-65390600    Fax:010-65390700

                              • Chengdu:
                                Fl. 18, Tower C, Oriental Plaza, No. 229 Zhiquan Section Dongda Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

                                TEL:028-81453356    Fax: 028-84701136

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